tiistai 17. joulukuuta 2013

Updating after a moment.

So ... School has keep me busy. I am sorry I haven't updated for a moment and I will do short post also now. (´ A `)

First of all. My dad paid a visit in Turkey ! He give me little bag, two bags so "delicious" candies (no one ate them ..) and two lollipops and ... some jewelry where is the "eye" which is some kind of protector. It protect's it's wearer about bad things. They are simply looking and pretty. I just don't have any place to put them all.

We also went to watch ice-hockey to Jyväskylä with my classmates. Actually they went to watch the game and I just left to city to meet Jenna and so on. I found these two t-shirt and I have fell in love hard to that white one (/ ` 3 ´)/ It is also those few which my mom has said to be nice and pretty. (shh.. it's men's .. like all of my t-shirts..)

And what comes to ice-hockey.. I have been watching at least three match now. It is not my thing but sometimes it is really interesting to see how people are ready to make everything to win! Ice-hockey fans are really scary when they get mad.. (´ ___ `); I also got free ticket to Herra Ylppö's gig. I kind of fell in love again to his music. The gig was very good ! I couldn't hold my head straight for few days. My neck was really sore.

About the school ... It rolls like it does every time. We went to Studia - fair. Even if I thought, I don't get any use from there because I don't know what I want to study after High School, I actually got the idea from there. It is really big stress relief . First place is in Tampere. Media things .. Let's see can I do it.
School is still big stress to me . But it will get better just after few months when it ends.

Riding is that same what is has been. This mr. Poitsu who I usually ride, was really close to death but gladly he survived ! Only sad thing is that he lost weight, but is getting those kilos back. Happy horse ~ <3 (/ n 3 n)/ I am just worried what I will do if I need to move to Tampere instead of living in Pori. I don't want to stop riding !

Ah. The best thing in this update.. Eat you alive's gig was at Sunday and it was so ... umm .. awesome ! Even if I didn't know the songs (except one which was actually my favorite one), it was really great experience. I bough that t-shirt and got my "favorite" member's water bottle and his signature to it. The whole band gave their signatures to that poster. I also met two wonderful person who I got know from Tumblr..!
While we waited in gig line, we got information that ADAMS will come to Finland ! ; u : Can't wait to get their tickets.

I also though I will give up from cosplay. I don't feel it to my thing ... So music and riding will stay in my heart.. But now:

- See you !

sunnuntai 27. lokakuuta 2013

First holiday after long time

 So. We had a autumn holiday or whatever it is called by. One week without anything special (*_*) Heaven. Most of these things has happened before my holiday but I will write them here anyway.

At first. I realized that I have only one pair of jeans that I can use and look even somehow good so I bought those trousers. I don't know how I should imagine them but they are not jeans. And I don't look good at them but at least there are not holes where them should not be.. (´ A `)

The weather has also started to be cold and windy so my skin is all red and dry. Not only from face but also my hands and feet . Why there can't be only one cream for all body parts ? I needed three different tube just to make my skin less dry ! I hate winter just because of this...

But the cold weather doesn't come alone. There is more beautiful places like in these pictures. That right hand side is kinda interesting because there was + 7C and still the ground was white by snow.. I mean. It should be less than -1C that there could be snow ? I don't mind. It's still beautiful (^o^)/

This place was more than creepy when we visited there with two of my classmate. I mean. In my hometown , we have places where has been war long time ago and this is one of those bunkers where soldiers were waiting their enemies . (@__@) It was so cool but in the night time .. It was scary as hell !

During my holiday... I have only visited in Tampere and you know what ? I drove in it ! Woohoo ! It was nice and more nicer to drive alone back to home . It was my first long drive so I was nervous about it. After all everything went great and I had nice time with people like Sanni and Tinja . \(>w<)/ I hope I could go to there soon again but at least there is one Helsinki - gig before it and MAYBE I go to pay a visit in Jyväskylä when my classmates go to watch ice-hockey~

 Last thing what I will tell you is, that I have got new color to my hair and I was first time in bar yesterday. God. How people can spend time there ? I almost died because of boredom. At least it was nice to see other's reaction to my "costume". Usually I don't use make-up at all if I don't go to somewhere like Tampere or just to shopping. And now the theme was "Halloween" so I asked if my friend could do make up for me. And she did.
"You look like Kyo!"
"... no ... LIKE Tatsu!"
"...... No . No you don't. You look like Umi!"
And the last one was person who was inspiration to that make up (" w ")

I think this is good way to end this update.
ps. Meet Essi and Dani. They paid a visit in our house few weeks ago at the same time and GOD! They had energy and fun together ! I am proud about Essi. She plaid so nice with that youngster and didn't scare at all ! (´ w `)

pps. The Legendary Six Nine - Dirty

~ See you !

perjantai 4. lokakuuta 2013

Life continues !

So.. Here I am again. I try to do longer and more interesting post than last one. Things are better again so I think I can do that. (^-^) First of all I want to tell about my exam. I would have need only one point so I would have got M which I tried to get from it. You can just imagine how pissed off and sad I was .. (´ _ `)

During these few weeks I have spend money more that I should... I have visited in Helsinki and in Tampere and those ate so much money that I am angry. I just love travelling so it's hard to say "no" to myself when I have money (´ A `)

So. From tampere I bought that bag in left corner and rivets which I but to my older back. They are actually very sharp ! (Q _ Q) I didn't believe they could be so sharp but well. Once again, I was wrong. I have got used to it so.. Anyway. I also found nice headphones. They are not good but they look nice so I can use them when I need to hear other people or my old ones breaks totally. They are already now making me a bit worried.
During the Helsinki- trip, I met so nice people ! ; _ ; Papui, Kata, Mero, Piia, Mira, Miia, Satu ... *sighs* I thought it would be boring to go to see people to gig line, but it wasn't. Actually it was relaxing to just talk and sit . Even if I got pissed off again because many of them was like : "IIIIIII!!! GAZETTEEE! I AM GOING TO SEE THEM AND OIWJIJWIJGHIEJHIIEI!!!!"  ... Like.. Dude. They are human (= A =)/ Anyway. From Helsinki, I bough new wallet. I scare to use my own because it's brand and it has cost like 90€ - I got it birthday present year or two ago- and places like cons, it's uncomfortable to use it. I also bought Sugizo's album. Aaaa.... It's not my style but somehow I still love his music. That man is very, VERY talented ! ( Q w Q )Sadly I am almost sure that I won't see his live ever.  I hope, I do but don't believe in my changes.

... If you are wondering about this picture .... It's from my friend's calculator. Our new period started today and I know, I am going to die during it. There is music- project ... expression skills- project ... long school days and then we got information: "If you don't do 50% of your functions , you are not able to get number of this course" <-- That was what our physics's teacher told us. I don't know how I have time to everything ! I also messed up my math exam so I am almost sure I need to do it again. These last year's courses seem to be more difficult than others.

I spend time today with Hanna and Noora. It was fun. After long time I ate ice-cream and God .. It was so delicious ! (; _ ;) Can I just eat some more ? No ? Damn ...
We were talking about our cosplay- ideas and I got even more excited about them. I found gloves to other one and then some fabric to one of our group member's cosplay jacket. I am too tired to explain but here is pictures. I will be Mori during first day of TaKupi and the second day I will be William. For Will, I found those gloves ! I am a bit scared of cosplaying William because there isn't many who cosplays him and those eyes would need contact lenses but they are so expensive so I don't want to buy them for one time.

So William is that left-hand side and Mori is that right hand side person. People are saying that my personality is great for cosplaying Mori so let's see how this will go! There is almost half of year time to make those costumes and I have almost half of them ready so .. I hope I can make them well ! ( ´ - ` )

But now. I think it was all for this time. Essi will come here tomorrow again and we are going to meet Dani who lives in front of our door ( * w * )

~See you !

keskiviikko 18. syyskuuta 2013

There's nothing good without bad sides.

Sorry. This update will be pretty short and fast.

~ Anyway. My psychology - exam were already and I have pretty good feeling of it. It wasn't so bad that I thought but I hope I wrote enough things to my answers. I may get first results after a week or two so let's see what happens. (/ `u `)/

~ To me, there have happened few things that makes me sad and happy at same time. First of all, I turned 18 ! Whoooo. I am so old - not. I will always be like a little child but no can do. I also got driving license and my dad gave me a car ! It's only 7 years-old ! \( O A O )/ I will get it after a month because there is few things to do with it. And, hehe, my relationship status has changed (^ q ^) Be jealous. I have the best partner ever. I just hope I can handle this. I haven't been in the relationship during the year and this is new that we live in same town so.. I am like a children in a candy shop.
But like I told you, there is things that makes me sad and that explains also why this post will be so short. I really don't have motivation to write. My dad's mom has died. It's better to this way because her last moments wasn't nice. Dad told me that she wasn't even able to drink or eat and she left very calm and without any pains. We have funeral at next Wednesday. For some reason I am not going to go to school at Wednesday or Thursday.

~ At school, thins are well. I have a nice friendgroup and we can talk about many things. We had also one parties. There is less than 100 days left ! It's miracle how fast these three year has gone. I still can't believe that my "high school" is going to end soon. I have no idea where I am going to continue my studying. I don't want to go to job yet and I would not even go.

~ Anyway. Last thing what I am going to tell is, that there is coming my first Jrock gig at December. At this time, I won't sell my ticket (´ w `) The bad is called by Eat You Alive and they are going to break up so .. I don't want to miss this.  With a good company, I am sure it will be fun !

Enjoy and see you later. Let's see how long I am going to update here because I put almost everything to twitter and everyone who reads my blog, has my twitter too...

sunnuntai 18. elokuuta 2013

Holiday came, was and went. Welcome normal life again.

 Few last day of my holiday was great. We celebrated my good friend's birthday on his parent's cottage. There was my classmates and the place was really beautiful ! I actually drunk more alcohol drinks than before during my lifetime! hehe~ (*´ u `*) Long drink and drink named "Blue angel" is really good ! I'm surprised. At friday, there is one friend's birthday again so now I know what I will drink if I get someone to buy those. Two weeks that I am not under age anymore (/ ` w ´)/

That left-hand picture is taken when I was hanging out with my friends there cottage. That right-hand picture ... I just took it.

 Few days after birthday- party, we went to watch "Pitsiturnaus" to Rauma with Niko (classmate). We met others there. Ice-hockey is interesting game. I haven't watch any game for years so .. Somehow I found my little "ice-hockey player"! Even if we lost game to Lukko (` A ´)

 But now ... School has started again so I neef to focus on the big test that is coming. I try my best that I could get good number from that test. If I mess up those tests , I maybe don't get any place to study after highchool. So yes, I need to get good number from it

 I made my calendar look more personal. Even if I made it by myself, I need to say that I like it. School is nice place. I have slept much better when I don't have so much time to think stupid things. At same time it stress me out more. Need to do homework ... read for those test ... and I have also driving school too. It ends after few weeks but still. It take pretty much time. I don't know. good and bad things /(´ _ `)\


 I also have bought new phone. It's sad that my old one broke down but I needed new one. Samsung Trend was the cheaper and the best that I found. It cost something 170€. I don't keep it bad because nowadays it's possible that you need to pay more than 300€ about phone. And for this moment it has been good choice. I hope it will be that in future too.
 Yes, I go tnew hairstyle. I like them ~

Yesterday this little princess visited to our place again and we went to see Jami, Janika and Mari. It was nice. She was pretty angry after I forced her to rain. But then she forgive me when she got some treats. Anyway we had nice day even if we didn't do anything special.

Next time I might tell about my own birthday or about those big tests. Now ...

- See you !

sunnuntai 21. heinäkuuta 2013

Long time no see

Sorry about that I haven't update for a moment. But well. Now I am here again ~ !

Most of my time I have tried to read for Student experiments. I have learn something but I'm still uncertain can I get more than C from that test... (C = 7). I try my best and it have to be enough. My motivation is zero and that stresses me. I want to read and study but I am not able to start it. God. Why it have to be so difficult to be hard-working ?

I also visited in Helsinki with my dad like I told you in my last post. I couldn't met Kata so I went to Linnanmäki to see Janika. Well. There was some drama because of one person and I same time that I was angry, I wanted to laugh for her. Anyway. Even if I spent most of time alone, I still had fun. And there might be change that we go to Särkänniemi with Janika and Mari. Can't wait !

Once again I have bought few movies. I have seen Iron Sky in cinema but I bought it now. About "Not Forgotten" and "Human traffiking" I didn't know anything but in both of them is my one favourite actor. Not Forgotten : Simon Baker (Mentalist) and in Human Trafficking : Robert Carlyle (Eragon). Both of those movies were really good ! Maybe the Human Traffiking was better. But if you want to watch them, do it.

 I have been also in cinema three times after the last post. Whops ? I have been watching The Bling Ring, Star Trek - Into the darknes and the Lone Ranger. The Bling Ring wasn't so good but those others were great. I really liked them. Now I am waiting that I can go to watch "Now you see me". I hope I have time to go to watch it before it leaves from cinemas. \(´ A ` \) Why movies have to be so expencive and bla ?

In early July I met Noora and went to eat ice-cream with her. It was really nice to see her after a month and talk and bla. She is so cuten when she is in love (* ´ u ` *). I actually met her love in thursday. They are cute couple together. I hope everything will go fine with them ! I am actually bit jealous ... I miss time with one of my ex. And I didn't say that out loud!
And now to other thing. I was in Rauma with my mother. It was nice to go there. We just went to spend our holiday together and went to "meat shop" after we walked around in shops. That wasn't even important thing to tell but already told it. No can do.

So .. This month I have been in work. It's not the most nicest work but it something and in other way it's pretty nice job. My last week starts tomorrow and somehow I hope it goes fast because the weekend will be great and then I have only one day work. In weekend will be one of my good friend's birthday parties and in sunday will be other friend's dog show - or her dog goes to show which is in my hometown so I go to see her. I also meet her dog first time. Even I don't like the breed, I still wait to see him. In pictures he looks really cute. ~(´ w `)~

The saddest new during this week was that my aunt's dog needed to put down. She was 14-years-old and got breathing problems so it was time to let her to better place. The vet gave that spike to her home so she didn't need to stress out anywhere else. I'm still sad. I knew that dog better than her owner and everytime I looked sad, she wanted to come to my lap and just listened when I talked to her about stupid things. She really helped me over all that school bullying and stuff. I know that she didn't understand anything but she still was there and listened. I miss that dog and there won't be anyone as great dog as she was. R.I.P my best friend.

Anyway. I try to make next post better. I just have been with Janika and Mari and have been in work so there isn't much to tell to you. Sorry...!

perjantai 21. kesäkuuta 2013

Summer holiday, part 1

So.  First of all, I have decided that I start to update in English ! Yay. I just try to practice my language skills as much as possible. \o/

We visited in Tampere with Janika (7.6, Friday). It was great day and we also met Tinja and Sanni. I just heard something that I didn't want but I hope that Sanni is doing fine with her little chihu- puppy- even if she take it from Estonia.
Anyway. I bought a belt that I tried to search from Ireland but I didn't find one. Now I did and it was wrong size even if I tried it. = A = I need to make more holes on it. I don't know how but I will invent something great like always. Also I find two tops and nice handbag. Handbag is from second-hand-store and it cost only 6e.
I hope I can visit there during this year once again.. I just don't know how much money I will have and how much time because my senior high school's last year will be awful. There is lot of works with it.

We were in cottage with Janika and Mari + Jami (the pug). The weekend was nice and I also swam after three years. It was fun and water wasn't cold what was surprise because summer isn't far yet.
We ate candies -and food-, watched two movies, tried to get Jami to water and so on. I hope we can go there again next year- for examples.

During this holiday, I have watched few movies also. That Fallen angels (middle one) was so bored that we didn't even watch it more than 30-40 minutes. Aleksanter (the second one from left) was good. I didn't know at all what kind of movie it will be when I borrowed it. I didn't get any "OMFG! THIS IS SO GREAT!" - feeling but it wasn't disappointment either. Harry Potter movies was good ones. I'm not big fan but I like them. Those were really good way to end them.
Yesterday, we watched Star Trek - into darkness with Janika and Mari. Wow. I liked it. It was like when I watched Iron Man 3. I didn't have expectations about the movies but both were good ones. (y)

Like you can realize, I have spend pretty much time with Janika and Mari. Last time I was in their place, we tried to put Jami in that basket which I have on my bike. He didn't even try to escape from it. Not even when  the bike moved - I walked, not drove. Only problem was that he was too big to it. But look that picture in the middle of ! He is so cute.
It was so pretty that I bought it. I try to be without buying nail enamels
(it some kind of chrome color)

I have got few pictures also. Here is few of them. I'm not the greatest but well. There are pretty good ones.
Next week is full of things to do:
Monday: I go to Helsinki with my dad
Tuesday: I'm in Helsinki with my dad
Wednesday: I will meet Noora S. We are going to search something to our cosplays
Thursday: I have driving school. 3.00 pm - 6.00 = A = First I go to drive and then I have some lessons
Friday: I go somewhere with my mom.
Saturday: I have show jumping competitions again. I don't know should I jump 70cm or 60cm.. ;; ;;
Sunday: FREEEE!

And my works will start at first day of Juli. I'm stressing my ass off but no can do. I havo to go there. Maybe I will survive.